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MYOS are unique


You will not find standard golf shoes at Myos4Golf but suggestions for creating your own designs using excellent materials.


Just select one of the four models proposed by us and combine the materials given as you prefer.


In order to guarantee your pair of shoes the best possible behavior on the golf course, we are using original VIBRAM soles in all our models - nobody better than this well known Italian producer of technical soles to provide you with a solid base. We use “Quick insert” cleats because both VIBRAM and us believe they ensure the finest grip; additionally, it is very easy to find replacements in any pro shop (no need to order us for more!) 


Both the inner sole & lining were designed following our experience as manufacturers of shoes: a sports sole reinforced in the heel and metacarpo zones combined with a synthetic linen that is much more breathable and flexible than the materials used in the market until now.


As for the leathers, you have to know that we do not use any leather: ours are high quality cowhide skins of European origin (Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) only.

Then, free way to your imagination: use the colors you wish and combine the patterns & finishes you prefer. Do not forget that some designs & colors are available for limited periods of time: once we run out of them we will substitute them with others according to the policy “whilst stock lasts"