The virtual presentation of the finished pair of shoes as per the specified design is not contractual - both colors and finishes may have different appearance depending on the screens used.

EL OSITO MISHA S.L. manufactures all his Golf and Street  shoes following the sole design specified by the customer in the website. Due to this our shoes are unique creations that CANNOT BE RETURNED DUE TO CHANGES OF SIZE OR DESIGN.

We will not accept any return that has not been previously authorized by EL OSITO MISHA S.L.. In case you have received a defective pair of shoes you may file a complaint by sending a picture of the product to stating the defect together with the number and date of the order as well as the invoice sent by EL OSITO MISHA S.L. (must).

Once the complaint is accepted by Myos4Golf, a collection of the product will be organized at no cost for the customer. EL OSITO MISHA S.L. will not assume the transport costs of any defective product that has been unilaterally sent by the customer without being previously authorized by EL OSITO MISHA S.L..

EL OSITO MISHA S.L. will replace the defective pair with a new pair of identical category. Under no circumstance EL OSITO MISHA S.L. will return the money paid by the customer - a voucher for future purchases will be sent to the customer.

Defects caused by incorrect use of the shoes and their inappropriate care will motivate the non acceptance of the complaint. Should the complaint not be accepted, EL OSITO MISHA S.L. will inform the customer in written while sending him back the defective product.